[MUD-Dev] MUD Design Fundamentals (Was: Looking for

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Sun Aug 31 15:56:35 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 30 Aug 97 at 21:48, Ola Fosheim Grostad wrote:
> Well, I agree, that the ideal situation would be to have persitance as a
> part of the language design specs.  I still don't see how you can ignore
> realtime information, UNLESS the language is dedicated to the task at hand.

This would describe ColdC and some others' systems on the list to the 
best of my knowledge.  

> My main point was that persistance isn't neccessarily going to save your
> butt, although it "sounds like magic".  I would at least go for secondary
> backup functions that store information in an easily parsable format for
> saving and loading the most essential information.  If not, you are
> probably stuck with your initial design, or have to accept more clean
> wipes than you like.

I'd be interested in how you apply the concept of "dynamic evolution" 
in mud worlds without some notion or application of persistence.  I 
see them as being quite linked.  

Jon A. Lambert

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