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>Yes.  I include a repost from rgma last year.  
>From: "Jon A. Lambert" 
>Subject: Re: Talking Mobs (was Re: Realistic MUDs: Mob behavior)
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>Chris Lawrence (Contra)  wrote in article
>> Instead I use object inheritance and what I
>> call Combat Packages to dynamically spiff up mobile's combat
>> capabilities at runtime.  I expect it to be rather nasty when a mobile
>> just happens to grab a new (comparitively very high level) combat
>> package in the middle of a fight.

>I'd be interested in hearing your ideas on these "combat packages".
>Is this a script-type language that you are working on or more
>similar to the hardcoded MOB special procedures?
>--end cut--

If there is interest I will re-describe my Combat Package and Combat
Script architecture.  Essentially it allows for combat intelligence to
be rendered as a component which can be traded among characters, and
which in turn generates suggested tactics during combat.

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