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On 30/08/97 at 08:40 AM, cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA (Chris
Gray) said:

>Exactly. Example from my system:

>    private thingamabob CreateThing(nil)$
>    thingamabob @ nameProperty := "Fred"$

>    <log out of system>
>    <shut down server>
>    <wait some time>
>    <restart server>
>    <log in>

>    d thingamabob @ nameProperty$
>    ==> "Fred"

>Nothing manual - its all automatic. This is what I understand a
>persistent language to be.

Ignoring the internal language details, I extend this slightly to:

  Server is running.
  Create or change an existant object.
  Yank the power cord out of the wall (ie crash/ungraceful shutdown)
  Restart server.
  New object still exists, or changed object is still changed.

This is actually not literally true as I only guarantee recovery back
to the last full cache flush which is typically within single-digit

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