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At 01:10 AM 9/1/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>>[much snipped]
>>> I think the whole discussion is rather sad.  Why don't we discuss how
>>> to make MUDs sexually interesting to women instead?  That's far more
>>Hmmm...MUDs are sexually interesting to men?  If I can think of any
>Research suggests so, yes?  Women play male characters to avoid attention,

Actually no, not always.  At least in our venue we have a fair nuymeb fo
women who actively enjoy the positive ego reinforcement fo on-line
flirtation.  Im told (though have no data these things are almost
impossible to research) that more then a few engage in 'explicit roleplay'
to one degree or another.

Remember that "studies" are almost alqways naives and useless.  I read a
study not logn ago that said 40% of the on line RPg players were female.
Clearly whoever did thsi study was lookign at character gender (thsi is
abotu right) and had no clue hat thsi did not encessarily reflect player
gender.  How do you study ANYTHIGN in an environment whre people are living
and discussing fanasties... not realities.
>>two things in my life which have absolutely NOTHING to do with one
>>another, it's mudding and sex.
>Well, research shows that knowing the other player's gender is important
>for most users. If that isn't remotly related to sex, then I don't know..

Again Ild lvoe to see the research you quote.  A large portion fo the more
spohpisticated popualtion considers such a question not only purposeless
but out right invasive.  I'm also a bit dsiturbed at the inhearent
sugegstion that the only reaon to know someone's sex is for purposes of
sexual interraction.  It suggests a rather limited opinion fo the value oif
the opposite sex.

>You are making things very technical.  Deal with, could be:
>- provide secure private spaces
>- provide affectionate items (roses and other symbolic items)
>- provide nice clothing
>- make some areas more erotic and romantic than others, if some users are
>  disturbed by erotic games, they can go other places. (hard to do in a
>  text-only system of course)

For the first time I think we agree on soemthing :)

But this really goes beyond "talk dirty to me".  This is allwoign space for
roleplay into story areas that are ratehr repvelant in msot sotry telling.

A charctwer wanting to be able to be attractive, show off, express
affection,e tc all do not necessarily HAEV to lead to "explicit roleplay."
Thats really up to the individuals invovled.  Some peopel just smile,
flirt, slip off and then 'fade to balck" its really up to the individuals


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