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At 01:54 AM 9/1/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>[Jeff K:]
>> At 08:37 AM 8/31/97 PST8PDT, Adam wrote:
>> >Here it's difficult to define 'abuse'...I suppose it's up to the
>> >admin.  If a clever player finds a way to gain an advantage by using
>> >something in a way I as the coder never though of, I will applaud them.
>> I see two problems with this in practical applciation.  Misusing  (or if
>> you prefer taking advantage of) bugs in the system tends to be a MUCH more
>I didn't say 'bugs', I said things that coders hadn't thought of.
>A well-written system will always have many, many things that are perfectly
>acceptable tactics which the folks who created the system didn't think of.

It depends on what you mean didn't think of.  I think you are wandering off
of my original post which was about abuse of the system.  I don't consider
"Hey, if we attack from both sides its easier for me to get a back stab"
abuse. I do consider duping, finding a clear hole in the combat logic that
allows unresonable things to occur, and such abuse.  This was my intent.

Clearly when you responded I just hand't made mysefl clear enough.

>> effective way to "win." Therefor if you allwo thsi behavior, or mroe
>> encourage it, you really HAVE defined your game as trying to break the
>> system.  That's ALWAYS the winning strategy.
>Right on.  Only thing I'm confused about is why this is a 'problem'.

See the above.  Do yo uwant peopel playign your game ("living" your
simualtion) or do you want them lookign for logixc holes and makign it a
logic/debugging game?

>> Secodn problem is that thsi attitude leads to hacking very quickly, as soon
>> as you have closed ,msot of the obbvious or easy bugs.
>Erm...I don't follow.  Maybe the commercial game world is different, but
>I can think of several muds right off the top of my head that encourage
>this sort of behavior from players and have been on-line without any hacking
>attempts (or at least, successful ones) for years.

Yes, because you misunderstood the behavior I was talking about to begin with.
>> effective IMO yo uwill end up with "Karma wars" with guilds pooling their
>> karma points and aoiming them aqt leaders of opposing guilds and such..
>Yeah, that was my aim.

Alright, but then its not "Karma", by my definition. Its merely another
neutral weapon and no different from beating on each other to solve problems.


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