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At 08:15 AM 9/1/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>>Jujitsu is the martial art from which the sport Judo wss derived.   Itw as
>>always my understanding that the two are, at the theoretical roots, pretty
>>much identical BUT I've never studied Jujitsu itself so I coudl well have
>>holes in my knowledge there.
>I have, about 15 years ago. If I recollect correctly, you do not compete
>in Jujitsu, and you basically focus mostly on defence (by taking advantage

Yes I knew this much. Judo is the sport form, Jujitsu is a amrtial art.
But is Jujitsu just throws and holds like Judo or does it also have punches
and or kicks?

>of the energy of the attack, getting the opponent into vulnerable/painful
>positions etc)
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