[MUD-Dev] Re:)

Adam Wiggins nightfall at user2.inficad.com
Mon Sep 1 15:10:19 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> I keep getting confused by how people use terms differently.  I notice
> that some take "MUD" to mean anything remotely like DnD on a computer,
> but nothing else. To me (and by most other definitions I've seen) MUD
> is defined as any type of collaborative recreational virtual world,
> that may of course be because the researchers aren't all that interested
> in the game component.  Wouldn't it be nice if one said MURPG when one
> focus on game component?  That would make my life a lot easier... :)

We had this conversation already.  The general consensus was that a
mud (lowercase) is a general term for any virtual, on-line computer world
which is both persistant and supports many (limited mostly by hardware)
users simutaneously.  Actually, I should say more acurately that there
were two conclusions - the one I just mentioned, and the one of 'Yeah,
whatever.  I gotta get back to work.'

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