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At 08:37 AM 8/31/97 PST8PDT, AdamW wrote:

>An idea I personalyl like though its wa y to redical to get itn oa
>comemrcial product is "Karma Dice".  As your Karma gets worse your
>dice get "loaded" so taht you have less and less ability to effect
>anything in the world.

This would seem a variation on a theme I espoused here several months

  Creation of an effect on another character by a player increases the
player's own liability to having that effect created on him.

>>others give you positive, plus the admin can manually fool with your
>>character's karma...or slightly more interesting, one where the players
>>actually get a number of karma points that they can deliver each day to
>>people other than themselves.

Ala the rank points discussion we had here?

>We've played with this idea and in fact are workign with oen group
>who are very seriosu abotu it. Internally we have our doubts. The
>problem is that ANYTHIGN players can do to effect each other ends up,
>in our experience, becomign just another weapon or coercion tool.
>period.  If Karma is very effective IMO yo uwill end up with "Karma
>wars" with guilds pooling their karma points and aoiming them aqt
>leaders of opposing guilds and such..

<shrug>  This would seem a massive advantage to the system as you've
automatically created group action, cohesion, involvement, and
conflict.  Ahh well.  Different goals.

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