[MUD-Dev] Character evolution [off topic]

Miroslav Silovic silovic at mare.zesoi.fer.hr
Tue Sep 2 11:37:19 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

coder at ibm.net writes:

> On 28/08/97 at 08:33 AM, alexo at bigfoot.com (Alex Oren) said: >On Wed,
> 27 Aug 1997 18:29:58 PST8PDT, clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:
> >}   Larry Niven's Integral trees (interesting phsyics there).
> >It is interesting to witness how a hardcore SF writer like Niven
> >contradicts himself.  In "Integral trees" he has the jungle tribe
> >living and reproducing in near free fall conditions, yet in some
> >other "known space" story he writes that a human foetus needs an
> >earth-like gravity to develop.
> I seem to recall that gestating women on the trees occupied the tufts
> of the trees, thus gaining a sense of gravity thru the tidal forces. 
> I'll agree that he didn't answer the question for the groups
> inhabiting the cloud bushes (?) later in the tale.

Actually he did. He mentioned that the original settlers (the crew of
the seeder ship) was selected for their ability to tolerate free-fall,
and he also mentions that for the first few centuries, child-death
rate was stunning.


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