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>Jeff Kesselman <jeffk at tenetwork.com> wrote:
>[Jeff does a very good job of explaining the system... I just want to
>add a few things to clarify points that might be confusing.]

Thanks. Now its my turn again...

>- The point system for creating characters can result in players trying
>  to "take advantage" of the rules to milk the most advantage they can
>  out of them.
>  This is true.  I'd recommend that anyone using a Hero-like system to

Its worth noting that iun the last version fo the rules power giot flagegd
in 3 rough "catagories".  Capaign 'safe", potentially unbalancing, and
hihgly dangerous to yoyur campaign.

I think my first cut woudl be to allow safe oens withotu admin
inetrvention, potetnially unbalancing ones to be approved, dangerous ones
off limits to players.

>  One thing to watch out for is to make sure that if there's more than
>  one way to do the same thing, that they come out even.  Early editions
>  of Champions, if I remember correctly, had a problem in that players
>  could get an advantage by buying armor in a different way than the
>  "normal" way.  That's been fixed in later versions.

No. actullay. Not that I recall.  I play tested the original
pre-punblication version of Champions as a matter fo fact (an odl gaming
chum of mien is Steve Peterson's old undergread roomate.)

Armor was always created by taking PD/ED, ficusing it, and adding in a 0
END advantage.  Itw as just listed fo convenience pre-created as "armor".
(This is Hero-speak, those of you who dont udnerstand dont worr abt it too

The biggest holes as I recall were in the disadvantages. In partuclar,
Charges gaeve yoU a "free" 0 END advantage originally, and you coudl take
something with a HUGE amoutn of charges basicly for free.  later editiosn
made charges over a certain amnt an ADVANTAGE not a disad in order to
correct that.

There were also some holes is "personal disadvantages" (not a hero term but
you kwn owhat im talkign about) or "polayer crocks"a s we called them that
let you build up your points for  little real game effetc.

Lastly, tehre were some things that coudl be abused if the judge did NOT
watch the players.  For instacen I had oen charcter who had a multiu pwoer
witha  huge attack and a hige defense but nto btoh operable at once. He
seemed incredibly pwoerful but rhw first tiem I caught him by suprise he
snufffed it because he had his multi power "switched" wrong.

Over all everything works fine int the current version as long as you hold
players true and fauithfulk to their disadvantages.

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