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>On Sun, 31 Aug 1997 S001GMU at wrote:
<forkin universes>
>:I am quite interested.  If you limit the players who can enter the alternate
>:universe to the one player who created it, I really don't see how that makes
>:the game a MUD, at least not as I understand/want my MUD to be.  Please
>:elaborate, and attempt to convince me!  :)
>Does anyone still have any of my old posts on the topic? They figured
>heavilly into my contributions to the "quest" threads. The concept is simple:

I probably have them, depending on how old they are.  there was a time when
I was simply archiving everything w/o reading it, 'cause of lack of time/
energy to keep up.

>one can only enter a version of the subworld in the company of someone who
>has access to that version, save the "pristine" state. Access is granted to
>anyone present at the moment of a critical worldchange, or upon first
>introduction to a changed version. Once access has been gained to a
>nonpristine version, access to all other versions (save derived versions) 
>is impossible. Access rules are somewhat similar to the hypnogourds in
>Xanthony's rather abysmal punfest series. Entry in company fixes you and your
>companions to the most corrupted alternate.

ok... up to here I follow you, and can see how that might work.

>                                            Bands with multiple corrupted
>versions of a region may become seperated.

So, if you have two characters that have both spawned their own sub-worlds
at the same spot, and they both walk in, as a group, they both go to their
seperate worlds?

For example, Bob and Tom have both, at seperate times, entered the Dread
Castle of DOOM, and solved the quest of defeating the Evil King (tm).  Once
they defeated the Evil King (tm), they spawned their own, "corrupted" worlds.
Now, Bob and Tom both come back to the Castle, as a group.  What happens when
they walk in?

Is there a way for Tom to get into Bob's version of the universe?  I'd be
tempted to fall back on a Diku group concept of basically having a leader
of the group, and have that be the world everyone went to.  Of course, this
could very easily be used to 'dup' items, etc.

An interesting idea...


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