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In reference to the recent combat tactics and intelligence thread,
this would seem an obvious feature to both add a feeling of some
intelligence to the opponents, as well as increasing the difficulty
level of combat (getting brained with a stone while invoking a
fireball is not condusive to good concentration).

This would also seem an excellent extension of the selective
targetting I briefly discussed.  Have your brawny NPC chaps beat on
the attackers, have your weaker/more injured retreat and attack from
the rear while they recover (or fetch reinforcements) etc:

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This reminds me of something else that frequently happens. 
(Especially  in traditional Experience point based games).  Have you
ever noticed  how the creatures seldom flee?  I'm not talking about a
whole group or  until you have wittled down a group of orcs, but
rather on an individual  basis.  If I was Orc A in a horde of fifty. 
And I got hit down to "2 hit points" I certainly wouldn't stick around
and try to have the hero hit  me for the remainder of them. ;) Even if
I had 49 other friends, I would try to retreat and throw rocks or
something... :) 

While it's a feature of poorly governed roleplay, I think it alludes
some  game masters that creatures would probably try retreat and
regroup  tactics with sabotage and traps and 'sure thing' attacks
rather than  attacking one on one.  


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