[MUD-Dev] Hard Sci-fi muds was Character evolution

Brian Price blprice at bedford.net
Tue Sep 2 18:54:26 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

As oft happens, one of my explanations was evidently as clear as mud, 
I'll attempt to clarify it (or just turn out the light of 
comprehension completely).

> Date:          Tue, 2 Sep 1997 09:31:26 PST8PDT
> From:          Shawn Halpenny <malachai at iname.com>
> Brian Price wrote:
<snip evidence of my early childhood brain damage>
> [ choice B:  use a plot mechanism which justifies a finite univerese ]
> > One approach that may make Choice B practical, would be to create a
> > number of building blocks composed of human designed areas together
> > with a set of rules as to where they could be used and how they
> > could be assembled given the set of 'facts' (design parameters) for
> > the section being generated.  After the set of building blocks was
> > designed, a program could generate the sections and then the
> > designer could walk thru and 'tweak' the area.   The section would
> > then be represented in storage by its co-ords, seed value, its
> > design parameters, a set of manual changes, and the set of player
> > influenced data.  
> As a builder this would drive me nuts--I can only use this area
> building block _here_ to do _this_--not to mention this has to be
> controlled and managed somehow.  Since you're going to be generating

Umm.. the builder doesn't use the building blocks.. the generator 
does.  The builder designs the building blocks together with the 
combinatorial rules and interdependancies (which isn't that easy 
<clip remainder>

Brian Price aka Delver <blprice at bedford.net>

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