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Caliban Tiresias Darklock caliban at darklock.com
Wed Sep 3 13:28:24 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Martin Keegan wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Marian Griffith wrote:
> > On Mon 11 Aug, Richard Woolcock wrote:
> >
> > Welcome to the list Richard :)
> >
> > > I have got a huge amount of other 'features', but I don't want to
> > > make this look like an advert.  If you ARE interested, then I don't
> > > mind opening a few of my ideas up for criticism (anyone else coded
> > > mudsex, with the chance of pregnancy and child birth?).
> >
> > *grin*
> > I don't code but I once suggested it on a mud I was close with the imms.
> > They thought I was crazy. Of course.  But it seemed to me that it really
> > made a nice incentive for the guys to play their own gender <eg>
> That's an interesting side-effect! :)

On one MUSH I played a while back, one of the female characters who had
been involved in a monogamous IC relationship for some time decided that
her character should get pregnant. Shortly after this, there was a
sudden rash of dozens of pregnant characters. Oddly, only a few of them
ended up with babies later, and many of the babies disappeared
mysteriously after a week or so. I guess roleplaying this sort of thing
gets old. I spent countless hours laughing about the 'me too' attitude
seen so often on the net. :)
> On Evil Empyre [*], a mud which borrowed a lot from Island, they had
> mudsex implemented. I don't know how many people used it; it was just
> there as a joke and had no effect on your stats. It was basically a parody
> of the combat system (fighting by numbers), giving "sex by numbers". Some
> of the combat moves like 16 (Wild Thrust) were left unaltered in the sex
> adaptation.

I always wanted to see a MUD version of the combat system used in
'Wooden Ships and Iron Men', where there were certain actions ("Wave
Hat") that seemed completely useless and generally were... but every
once in a while, these actions would prove useful by doing something
totally ludicrous. Wave Hat would occasionally knock your opponent
unconscious, for example. Unfortunately, WSIM is out of print and I
haven't been able to find a used copy :(
> I was once involved in a project to
> write a commercial erotomud. This was abandoned due to the utter dodginess
> of the company paying for it, though there is still an insulting reference
> to the whole sordid affair on Island.

*giggle* Rather amusing concept... I wonder if it would have been
popular? While there have been RP type muds that permitted and subtly
encouraged such behavior, I can't think of anything right offhand which
was explicitly (no pun intended) designed primarily for this purpose.

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