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Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Wed Sep 3 22:55:43 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On  2 Sep 97 at 8:49, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:
> I'd like to note that to my recollection D&D was originally published in
> 1973, not 1977, although there was a very limited distribution and
> market at the time. Which further raises the bar for those claiming
> computer games predate it.

I have an original edition (now autographed) of D&D.  The copyright 
date is 1974, although the introduction is dated November 1, 1973.  
So it was likely printed and shipped a wee bit after that date. 

Here follows some of the introduction:

"Once upon a time, long, long ago there was a little group known as 
the Castle and Crusade Society.  Their fantasy rules were published. 
and to this writer's knowledge, brought about much of the current 
interest in fantasy wargaming.  For a time the group grew and 
prospered, and Dave Arneson decided to begin a medieval fantasy 
campaign for his active "twin cities" club.  ... From the Chainmail 
fantasy rules he drew ideas for a far more complex and exciting 

At the time of the penning of this introduction, the Chainmail 
miniatures rules were in their 2nd edition, circa 1973.  Chainmail
mechanics bore very little resemblance to the D&D rules even at this 
time.  There were 2 classes in Chainmail, heros and wizards (15 
spells to choose from!).  Chainmail of course was intended for large 
scale military battles, primarily medieval and ancient. Fantasy 
wargaming was a small section of the rules.

Jon A. Lambert

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