[MUD-Dev] Modeling spells/skills as collections of affects

Miroslav Silovic silovic at mare.zesoi.fer.hr
Thu Sep 4 10:12:02 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

I hope you won't receive this twice. I forgot to fake Reply-To (which seems
to be necessary after the email address change).

Caliban Tiresias Darklock <caliban at darklock.com> writes:

> S001GMU at nova.wright.edu wrote:
> > 
> > Spell
> > construction would consist of building the query (would definately want some
> > interface here so that ppl don't have to learn SQL to create spells on the
> > MUD!), 
> WAIT! WAIT! The language of magic! This is a GREAT idea!

Check mage2mage system (somebody posted the URL here not long ago, or
I could email if you request). They specced out the costs for each
executed statement in the language. And I also loved the fact that to
create a permanent magical item, you have to bind a demon into it, and
to summon a demon, you have to sacrifice a living, sentient

> Translate all the SQL syntax into pseudo-Latin words, give your database
> fields odd names, and make people type in the queries in this strange
> fictional language. That would be so cool. 

Umm, I don't think this would work all that well. How do you say
'sphere of 50' radius around the orc' in SQL? For that matter, while I
like the idea of using an existing database code in a MUD server, I
think that interpretation of SQL is completely unnecessary, and far
too inefficient. I'd go for YOODA or Texas Permanent Store (or, if you
prefer to do things by hand, as I do, gdbm).

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