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At 03:26 AM 9/4/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>that they could fit the fragments together properly.  Unfortunately, said
>player did not have 50 million coins, or anywhere near it.  So, remembering
>that the brownies in the forest of the faeries were bugged (and had been
>that way for a long time) to cause them to speak in demon, he quickly ran
>to the faerie forest, charmed the brownie, made a portal back to a buddy
>waiting at the final door, and ordered the brownie to hop through and say
>the phrase.
>This is a pretty usual scenario.  The question I pose to you, Jeff, or
>any other admin-type reading: would you be angry at the player?  They

Not at all.

In fact our game design for DSOII specificly AVOIDS anything that resembles
a linear quest.  We jst set u psituations and individual "problems" to be
solved however the players can.

As an old DM I leanred a LONg time ago to stop even TRYING to dtermine how
palyers woudl sovle things, theya re ALWAYS mroe creativbe and invetive
then I was and frankyl they wrote better and more instersting "stoires"

In teh abvoe exampel , i woudl encourge our ADMS 9assistant DMs, bsicly
game admins) to award a BONUS for cleever play.

Now we don't have repeatable quests, but id we did, and i thought thsi
oskutio nwas too 'easy' I might renmove it for FUTURE players, btu thats a
different matter.

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