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>[Felix C:]

>:One that may or may not have been mentioned before: alternate universes.
>:The mud encompasses parallel universes, including some in which different
>:physical laws apply, and including ways to fork off new alternate
>An interesting approach to the problem of making quests solvable by
>more than one player. What you lose with this scheme is much of your
>bragging rights - its probably more fun to brag that "I killed *the*
>dragon" rather than just "I also killed the dragon".

How about,

  Ya know those dragons that keep taking over Castle Krak?  It seems
that every few years they migrate cross-country and one of them peels
off to occupy the castle.  Hot damn if the one kicked out of the
Castle wasn't one tough mutha!  I doused him in lead water at least
ten times and hammered on him for hours with Excaliber before he even
started looking slightly miffed...

Now everybody knows of the generic dragon in question (yeah, one of
them that occupies Castle Krak), but the specific dragon for the
specific case is indeterminate (new dragon each time with different

I'm reminded of the scenario I posited a while back of the terribly
harsh world (Homa Sap is a prey species, low on the totem pole) with
migrating basilisks that periodically occupy the places that humans
most like and are most safe in...

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