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>Hmmm...MUDs are sexually interesting to men?  If I can think of any
>two things in my life which have absolutely NOTHING to do with one
>another, it's mudding and sex.

For some its almost all they do.  Wander by a FurryMUSh some time (tho
not all encourage NetSex, many do).  You'll likely be surprised.  

>Maybe I'm just a freak, though - I've never had 'mudsex' (in fact,
>I'm a bit foggy on what it entails excatly, although I assume steamy
>emotes).  I've also never flirted with or been flirted with by any
>character, female or not, at least not to my knowledge.

I'd note that the definition of "flirt" varies widely.  In the UK it
has to get pretty obvious and direct before it is worthy of being
called "flirting".  In the US I've found that damn near anything from
a smiling hello on up will be tagged "flirting" without a second

>I personally don't find on-line sex
>to be even mildly interesting, therefore we've ignored the whole
>subject completely.  Is this a mistake?

I find NetSex/TinySex/MUDSex/etc uninteresting.  I don't see that they
promote interesting game playing, or that they encourage interesting
game mechanics.  Others, obviously, disagree.  Quite likely this lack
of interest is more due to my failure to dream up something with them
that *would* be interesting rather than it being an innate quality. 
Ho hum.  Not interested.  I don't play games for tittilation.  

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