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>>emotes).  I've also never flirted with or been flirted with by any
>>character, female or not, at least not to my knowledge.

>Heh, kidna clueless, huh?  Or do you not interract much with other in
>a character capacity? 

Flirting is pretty rare on many (most?) combat MUDs.  The player
concentration is GOP play with minor socialising, where the
socialising is usually limited to current events or public media
commentary.  Note: This is using either of the below flirt

>Flirtatio ncan take a variety of forms.  My
>standard chat-room persona is a large playful black panther. 
>Although tehre is ntohign sexual about it, there is soemthing
>reasonably sensual abotu how humans interract with cats and it can be
>pretty flirtatious in a totally non-sexual way.

Which seems the core of the US vs UK difference in definition of
"flirt".  US tags anything remotely sensual as "flirting", while the
UK stresses an inferred or implicit erotic content.

>heh. All I can tell you is that the first ghraphic mud with
>aniamtions for hard core actions WILL make a LOT of moeny.. and be
>the center of a storm of protest (myabe Chris shoudl work on thsi
>one-- he'ld make bukcs and enjoy the flames.)

It would be pretty trivial to do.  The graphics requirements are
simplistic at best.  Even crude cartoon-level animation would probably
go over big.  A giggling version of Jane with biggier over-stuffed
brassieres would probably go over brilliantly.

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