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>>Speaking of Centaur's and Judo/Jujitsu, I fidn it hard to believe you
>>coudl throw any four legged creature.  Judo throws are based on the
>>inhearent instability of human beings.  Things topple when their
>>center of gravity moves beyond its base.  In the case of a quadraped
>>yo uhavea very large, very stable base.
>I've thrown horses.  Its not terribly difficult and doesn't require
>immense strength.  The big requirements are speed and height -- short


>front shoulderblades.  Done right, the front leg will not be able the
>come out and brace and will instead fold to prevent injury.  The
>result is that the front of the torso will start to fall.  As you lead

This sounds more like a joint-lock applied to bringign the horse down thena
 true throw.

A simialr trick can be done witha wrist lock where you can bring a person
to his knees very quickly and easily., but its a lock, not a throw.

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