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On Mon, 8 Sep 1997 08:05:15 PST8PDT, Matt Chatterley
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>> Can you unhorse someone?  If so, you've got the meat of it.
>Thats the ticket. Being hit hard, or being hit in the horse can throw you

It is worth noting that hitting the opponent's horse with your lance
during a joust is quite simply not done. If it happens, even by
*mistake*, the person who hit the horse is the loser by default and
quite heavily dishonored by the deed; in addition, it was not uncommon
for his horse to be awarded to the opponent. He may further find himself
barred from future events, snubbed by the populace for quite some time,
and in some cases waylaid after the joust. Lancing the horse is just
plain evil, and completely against the rules. Social stigma around this
was pretty extreme.

This assumes a formal joust. In actual combat, killing or hobbling the
mount is the grim and efficient method of unhorsing your opponent. It is
still, however, met with some distaste by most.

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