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>>>On 31 Aug 97 at 8:52, coder at ibm.net wrote:

>>>> How about if Bubba instead nukes an entire city from a remote
>>>> location?  BOOM!  __Everything__, and I mean __everything__ is gone. 
>>>> Okay, you're doing a fantasy world, not atomic physics. make that
>>>> instead of a nuke, a huge fireball that Bubba has been constructing
>>>> and massing for years, the equivalent of a large meteor strike.  BOOM! 
>>>> Instant miles of wastleand.
>>>Let's see... I think the only thing left standing would be players in
>>>the city who are members of non-PK clans.  They could then rat on
>>>Bubba.  ;)
>>Why, of course!

>so, the non-PK'ers survive...


>>But Bubba didn't PK them!  He merely used a generic MUD-tool (the
>>nuke) to obliterate a large portion of the land.  All the PK-clan
>>members in the area of course immediately died with suitable karma and
>>points awarded to Bubba.  The non-PK'ers found themselves standing in
>>a vast ocean of boiling magma with all oxygen consumed by the roiling
>>fireball above, and asphyxiated while munching on their well cooked PK

>so... the non-PK'ers DON'T survive ... ?  which is it?

Well, they just don't survive terribly comfortably, or even playably.

>>           Of course a few might struggle to the sides of the
>>devastated area, but by that time the rock would harden, leading to a
>>fine supply of life-like statuary surrounding the blast zone which
>>Bubba could make a nice profit on in the moaning lawn ornament

>The blast doesn't directly kill them, but the resulting changes in
>the environment do...

Noooo.  The non-PK'ers are still alive.  That's why the new lawn
ornaments moan.

<<I do suppose that a certain cadre of RP'ers who specialise in
playing moaning lawn ornaments might arise.  They'd make perfect spies
for such games -- just give the statues to your enemies...>>

>So, a PK'er can not directly kill a Non-PK'er, but they can alter the
> environment in such a way that the Non-PK'er dies?  How is that any 
>differnt from a slightly more complicated way of putting a sword thru
>the Non-PK'er?

Not a whole lot, unless you are firmly chewing your tongue while
writing a reply like the above.

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