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Make Nylander thenewt at USIT.NET
Fri Sep 12 23:08:14 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

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From: clawrenc at cup.hp.com

> A standard attack method for an unarmoured man against a plate
> armoured knight on horseback:
>  1) Charge at knight.
>  2) Slide in ground under horse.
>  3) Grab girth strap.
>  4) Hang on.
>  5) Gut horse.
>  6) Run.

	Umm... as a horse-owner, I'd say that plan has weaknesses. The
	girth strap is usually tightened very tight (to keep the saddle
	from sliding), getting your fingers around the strap is not
	easy -- even if you did, it'd probably tear your fingers off.
	Also, a horse's stomach is VERY sensitive, if the horse
	felt someone groping at it's stomach, it would most likely
	"crow-hop" ("claw" forward with its hind leg), which is
	almost as effective as kicking. Even if the attacker managed
	to slice the horse's stomach open, it would most likely fall
	on the attacker, squishing him/her flat.
	A horse, especially a trained war-horse is not a dumb, defenseless
	creature that'll wait to be slaughtered. As for a more effective
	strategy; an attacker could plunge for a stirrup and try to
	pull the saddle down, and the rider with it. 

>  1) Charge at knight.
>  2) Nip around back of horse.

	And get a double-barrel into your chest. I recently got kicked
	into my knee by a three-month-old filly and spent three weeks
	limping; kick of a full-grown horse can shatter your bones to

>  3) Hamstring horse.
>  4) Run.

	You can train a horse to actively defend itself against
	attackers. They're not that dumb.
		-- Newt

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