[MUD-Dev] Modeling spells/skills as collections of affects

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Mon Sep 15 23:48:26 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 15 Sep 97 at 9:29, Travis S. Casey wrote:
> The rope could keep a list of who's pulling on it and in what directions.
> Thus, if Bubba has strength 16 and Boffo has strength 18, there are
> multiple possiblities:
> Bubba and Boffo both pull north:
>   rope pulls north with strength 34 (assuming a linear scale)
> Bubba pulls south and Boffo pulls north:
>   rope pulls north with strength 2
> Bubba pulls south and Boffo pulls west:
>   rope pulls northwest (assuming a mud with standard compass
>   directions) with strength 24.
> etc.
> This would allow for tug o' war and other such fun things.  :-)

Hmmm. I need to put this near the top of my gotta do list.   

The executioner attaches the ropes to Bubba.
Bernie pulls north, Boffo pulls east.
Bennie pulls south, Bob pulls west.
Bubba screams in pain.
Several loud pops are heard.
The crowd cheers.

Jon A. Lambert

If I'd known it was harmless, I would have killed it myself.

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