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On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:

:On Monday, September 15, 1997 5:29 AM, Travis S. Casey 
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:> Bubba pulls south and Boffo pulls north:
:>   rope pulls north with strength 2
:> This would allow for tug o' war and other such fun things.  :-)


: >tug
: You tug on rope.
: Bubba tugs on rope.
: You are stronger. You win.
: Bubba cries like the wimp he is.

:You need an element of chance and/or modifiers here. You can manage a lot 
:better in a tug o' war situation by just holding the rope and waiting for 
:the other person to get tired. I've never seen a good simulation of getting 
:tired in a game. It's always 'oops, you are tired, sleep now' and you have 
:no way to push yourself onward no matter how great the emergency...

How's this?

You come around the corner, and the walls open out into a courtyard. Tall
walls of brick bound the sides, and there are two doors on the far wall.
Between you and the wall is a pit. To the right of the pit, Bubba and Boffo
are pulling on a rope. To the left, Buffy is pulling on the other end of the
rope. Buffy is straining, and grunts with effort as she slips forward a step.
{help buffy} You run up behind Buffy and grab hold of the rope. It jerks in
your hand, burning you, but you hold fast. {plant feet} You plant your feet
firmly against the ground and hold. Buffy leans back and says, "thanks". The
rope grows tense in your arms. Your feet are slipping. {tug} You jerk at the
rope. Someone yelps, and the rope jerks back at you. You stumble forward into
Buffy. Buffy leans back into the rope. You tighten your grip and pull back.
The rope goes tense. {whisper buffy on the count of three, let the rope
slack, then jerk} You whisper to buffy. Buffy murmers, "Right". {wh 1} You
whisper, "1". The line grows tenser. Your feet are slipping. Your arms are
tired. {wh 2} You whisper, "2". Boffo yells, "Give up, puny wimps!" {wh 3}
You whisper, "3". {loose r} You loosen your grip on the rope. The rope slides
between your hands, and Bubba and Boffo stumble. {tug r har} You give a sharp
tug on the rope, and it gives. Buffy falls back into you, and you both go
sprawling backward into mud. You hear two screams. {get up} You try to pull
yourself up, but Buffy is too heavy for your exhausted arms. {get up!} You
steel yourself against the pain and push Buffy up off of you. Your right arm
screams in pain as something tears. You collapse back into the mud. Buffy
pulls herself up and stands over you. {say buffy help} You tell buffy,
"help". Buffy says, "hold on". She walks to the pit and looks down it.
Buffy says, "Boffo's dead. Bubba has a spike in his side, but he looks
alive." You groan.

: You see a dragon here.
: >hide
: You attempt to hide.
: The dragon sees you!
: >n
: You move north.
: You hear a dragon's wings flapping from the south.
: >n
: You move north.
: >n
: You are too tired.
: You hear a dragon's wings flapping from the south.
: >n
: You are too tired.
: You hear a dragon's wings flapping from the south.
: >n
: You are too tired.
: A dragon arrives from the south.
: >c 'big nasty vicious spell of doom death and destruction' dragon
: You are too tired.
: The dragon belches flame! *BURP*
: Everything fades to black...

So do like I do, make an override, and make them pay the consequences for
overriding their body's warnings.


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