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>Which is why my characters on MUDs tend 
>to get to level 30 or so and then stop, because above that it becomes 
>very difficult to 'solo' much of anything that can move you upward in 
>level in less than a week and a half of effort. This becomes tiresome, 
>so I tend to throw out the character. It's not like it matters whether 
>he stays around or not.

Which reminds me of a classic economy flaw in many PK games:

  Newbies can gain XP much more quickly than higher level characters.

  PK'ers get more XP more rapidly from simple PK's than they would
"earning" the XP.

The result is the simple mantra:

  Create PK character.

  Create throw-away character.

  Have the throw-away character get XP quikly via a simple script.

  Have PK'er kill throw-away character.


This is of course a direct variation on the money problems that the
original habitat games had (recall the two vending machines and their
different rates?)

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