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>Marian Griffith <gryphon at iaehv.nl> wrote:

>>> So then the question might be:
>>> Outside of traditional muds, what games attract a large female 
>>> following?  
>>I tried to avoid this kind of discussion. It isn't particularly con-
>>structive. Attracting male or female players should not be a goal in
>>itself. What I wanted to point out was that 'combat' muds are single
>>minded. At least that was the most important thing I wanted to say.

>Oh yes, it should be a goal by itself! If you are able to attract
>female players, male players will come, driven by their very own
>nature...  :-) 

This begs the question:

  Is sexual diversity in a game's player base a Good Thing?

followed by:

  Is sexual diversity in a game's player base a desirable thing?

There is a lot to be argued on either side of both questions.  

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