[MUD-Dev] Hard Sci-fi muds was Character evolution

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Sun Sep 21 19:00:12 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 18 Sep 97 at 19:15, Brandon J. Rickman wrote:
> I had a point in writing this, and that was... hmm.  Ah, that the whole
> "creating new areas" thing has been done to death, and the "changing
> old areas" never happens because egos get in the way.  If a player
> builds a cabin in the woods, two months later you can't just say
> "oh, the cabin was old and fell apart and these trees grew there."
> Because maybe the player burned down _all_ the trees, and sowed the
> earth with salt.  And now the ego of the creator gets mad and says "I
> won't let that happen."
> The conclusion being: You cannot simutaneously have 1) everything
> created by hand and 2) let players be destructive.

A very good point.  Both creation and destruction present "fun" 
activities depending on player whims.  Destruction tends to be an 
short term gratification while creation a long term gratification.

Perhaps automated creation by mudpeeps can counter the destructive
efforts along with strong survival instincts.  How many times can a 
village be plundered and rebuilt?  If it is rebuilt a high level of 
hostility and aggressive defenders may be present in the second 

Players might begin to rely on these mud systems and tend to build 
residences in existing cities, towns and villages.  Those building in 
wilderness areas would tend to build more elaborate defenses or have 
to have a reasonable size force of men-at-arms to be successful.  
They might also attract or form the core of a new village or town.

> (I would also boldly claim that stable-state systems are artificial and
> therefore hand-made.)

Yes. Methinks this has great application outside of muds too. :)

Jon A. Lambert

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