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                             *** AVIOS 1.2.0 ***

Version 1.2.0 of Avios is now available.

Avios is A VIrtual Operating System which runs on top of unix. It
appears as a single unix process but within it it pre-emptively
multitasks its own processes written in a special interpreted language
- AviosPL. The system design philosophy is to allow easy constrution
of TCP server programs as you can write an Avios process and run it on
a specific port which the process then reads and writes from as its
standard I/O. No more worries about socket creation or polling.

The features of the AviosPL language include:
     Mappings (associative arrays) including reverse lookups on value.
     List processing (head, tail, member etc)
     Typeless variables
     Process interrupts including a timer
     Shared variables between processes including atomic test and set
     Process message queues
     Process forking
     Processes can exec an AviosPL program file *or* embedded code to
        create a new process
     File and directory access commands
     ANSI colour
     All the standard language flow control commands you need such as
        while, for, foreach, do etc

Avios comes with example programs include talker server anc client
programs, a game, a web server and numerous other things. It would
also be possible to write a MUD in it too.

If you're interested venture forth to this ftp address:


Unix's Avios has been tested on include: Linux, OSF/1, HP-UX and


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