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On Wednesday, September 24, 1997 4:29 AM, clawrenc at cup.hp.com 
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> In <199709210748.CAA24259 at dfw-ix13.ix.netcom.com>, on 09/21/97
>    at 08:47 AM, "Jon A. Lambert" <jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com> said:
> >Assuming it might, I'll lump in my earlier mechanics into the areas
> >you identified and also include an area we have considered a  given.
> >1) Individual Dynamics - ID
> >2) Group Dynamics - GD
> >3) Social Dynamics - SD
> >4) World Dynamics - WD
> >5) Play Dynamics - PD
> ...
> >Let's say you are considering implementing a global chat channel with
> >no limitations on it's use.
> >ID-0, GD-3, SD-5, WD-unk., PD-(2,roleplay; 5,player mgmt.)
> ...
> >Is this useful or not?
> I like it.  It passes the basic tests of an analysis tool: It allows
> analysis of an area with the results of that analysis being useful in
> both prediction of the area and problem solving within the area.

Oof, I can't believe I missed the original post on this... that's a really 
nifty idea. It certainly looks useful to me, but I need to play with it a 
little and see how it maps out.

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