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Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Thu Sep 25 13:17:44 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 24 Sep 97 at 8:39, Chris Gray wrote:
> [Jon L:]
> :Consider the following example position given abilities:
> :
> :position - King of Argos
> [deletia]
> Cool! (Ghod I hate that word :-) ) Things like that can really make the
> world seem more real/solid/physical. Are there many things like that that
> other positions come with? I realize that they all take implementation,
> but I would guess that once you had done a few, many of the tools would
> be re-usable for others.

Nod.  It's very implementation specific or unique.  I'm certainly 
attempting to find generic abstract functionality and reusable 
components for this type of game.  There are components which are 
common to seemingly unrelated positions. All of the commands above 
could be used for head priests, guild leaders, but with slightly 
different details.  For instance a guild leader can call meetings 
(feasts), order fees (taxes) and issue declarations (proclaim) to
guild members and the head priest can call rituals (feasts), order 
tithing (taxes) and issue calls (proclaim) to worshippers.   

Some common points -
king's proclaim - <heralds> move about <town> for <x hours> shouting 
    out <message>
priest's call - <clerics> move to <fixed locations> for <x hours>  
reciting out <sermon> 
guild's declaration - <guildsmen> move about <shops> for <once> 
telling shopkeeper <message>  (traditional medieval guild impl.) 

king's taxes - <tax collectors and guards> move to <list of 
buildings> demanding <x gold> -> loop over until done <list of
non-payers> saved for some purpose.
priest's tithe - <clergy> move to <list of buildings> asking for
<x gold> -> loop if forced tithe or once only <list of 
payers|non-payers saved> for some purpose.
guild's fees - <guildsmen> move to <list of member shops> asking for 
<x gold> -> loop until done <list of non-payers> saved for some 

I would imagine many different positions have very similar activities 
although varying scopes of control.  These are very "early" thoughts 
on this BTW.

Jon A. Lambert

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