[MUD-Dev] A place of my own

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Thu Sep 25 14:00:44 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 25 Sep 97 at 8:12, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:
> Usually because people have no reason to go home. There's nothing there. I 
> for one think there's a BIG need for people to have their own space in a 
> game... potentially something like a barracks, where you the player would 
> log in and create you the character. If you died, you would go back to your 
> barracks and make a new character. If you wanted to log off, you would go 
> back to your barracks and quit. People need a place for their stuff, you 
> know?
> Potential problem: player takes really good character and goes out 
> gathering really good equipment. Leaves equipment and a lot of money in the 
> barracks. Character goes out and gets killed. Player makes new character 
> and gathers up nifty equipment and piles of gold. *Is* this a problem? Is 
> it any less of a problem if player has a friend whose character gives him 
> that same stuff out on the street? Is that somehow prohibited?

I think this topic deserves it's own little time in the sun.  
I am highly interested in this aspect of virtual worlds and I suspect 
that there may be many others.  So off the top-of-me-head a few

Should players have houses, castles, furniture, hirelings, etc.?

How does one go about obtaining this good stuff?

Can it be built by the player, purchased, rented, designed?

What security mechanisms can a player place in his own space?

Locks, guards, wards, safes, dungeons, chests, secret passages, 
walls, windows, etc.?

How many rooms, locations, lands, gardens, shops, farms, etc. ?

What can a player keep there, how about a family, spouse, kids, 
brothers, sisters, parents?

How about peasants, slaves and other hirelings?  Livestock anyone?

Does a players property produce stuff or resources?  

How much maintenance and upkeep is required?

Jon A. Lambert

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