[MUD-Dev] Commercial value of RP

Mike Sellers mike at online-alchemy.com
Thu Jan 8 06:23:58 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

At 05:19 PM 1/7/98 PST8PDT, Ola Fosheim Gr=F8stad wrote:
>Besides wasn't/isn't M59 a 3D hack'n'slash a'la DIKU?  Kill monsters
>or social interaction?  Most people I met were not really roleplaying,
>they didn't claim to be either.

There's little diku influence in M59, at least not intentional influence.
There have been two pretty distinct groups who play though; some come to
kill things, others to socialize (many in both groups have never played
muds or RPGs before).  The interesting thing is that both groups tend to
cross-over, having found the joys of the others' activities.  As for real
role-playing, well... that's a rare thing, I'm afraid.  The designers'
fault as much as the players, if not more.  :-/=20


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