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Travis Casey efindel at polaris.net
Sat Apr 4 21:40:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

I know... it's been a while since this was posted.  I've been working
two jobs and my wife is pregnant, so I haven't had time to reply to
any interesting mail in a while...

On Monday, 23 March 98, J wrote:

> I posit:

>   Character development is fundamental to the concept and definition
> of a MUD.  The only variation in application of this definition
> between games like Tron, and say LambdaMOO, Duris, Sojourn, MUD2, etc,
> is that the character development occurs solely in the human player
> for the former, and partially in the virtual character for the
> others.  This creates a scale of development locale with some MUDs
> having the balance of their character development in the human player, 
> and some almost utterly in the virtual character.

It should further be noted that "character development" doesn't have
to mean "an increase in character power."  It could mean *any* kind of
change to a character, including personality development.  For that
matter, character development could include a *weakening* of a
character in some way  -- although most mud players would probably not
enjoy playing in a mud where their characters get weaker with time.

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