maddog at best.com maddog at best.com
Sat Apr 4 22:39:30 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Chris Gray wrote: 

>  That's a very large order. It essentially means that GRUMPS has to be 
>  at least as powerful a system as any other system out there. That's 
>  going to be very difficult to do. Keep in mind that lots of MUDs use 
>  a lot of custom code, and allow players to create an almost unlimited 
>  range of things, by allowing unlimited user programming. That means 
>  you have to have a dynamic in-MUD language that can effectively emulate 
>  the languages of all other MUDs. 

Actually what I have in mind is more like VRML or HTML rather than Java.
I would restrict it to characters, some NPCs, and simple objects.  
Complex NPCs are fairly hard to move around from place to place if they 
depend on the code of the server.  A better way to move complex NPCs is 
to have them handle their own code--as remote bots. 
{did I just hear an admin scream?}.  


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