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Brandon J. Rickman wrote: 

>  The conversion of characters should be "easy"; it would be more of a 
>  challenge to make sure the characters are secure/certified.  Maddog 
>  mentioned LEDOs, which are pretty much a marketing ploy, trying to 
>  turn character attributes into a commodity is a pretty iffy business but 
>  would be interesting in the short term. 

Actually there are some people trying to turn characters into superstars.  
There are one or two people that believe that not too far from now there 
may be professional game players.  Of course right now the focus is on 
twitch games, but it's not hard to extend the idea.

   % Welcome to GenericMU XVII! 
   % checking your secured character profile.... 
   % Found character: Bubba - class 14 rogue/warrior, 237 equipment units 
   % It will cost US$2.35 to transport this character to GenericMU XVII. 
   % Please enter your payment method: 
   % [V]ISA/[M]CARD/<N>o thanks: 

Sure sounds like the way the Web world has gone.

>  Yah, but most muds break down at high levels too.  Or rather, they fragment 
>  when there is too large a disparity between new, low level characters and 
>  the older, elite characters.  Maybe powerful characters would migrate 
>  to more difficult muds if they could. 

Being a high level can be a problem.  The pen-and-scroll people will 
usually retired their top characters after a while and start a new one.  
There is definitely a difference between characters as far as I'm concerned.   
I use four characters, but maddog is the oldest and will always get special 

>  How about investigating ways to keep high level characters more balanced? 
>  Once someone figures out how to create a god-like character the fun 
>  is over. 

>  (Maybe I have something against superstar gamers, the kind that keep 
>  their character in a thick binder.  I tend to die or suffer critical 
>  injuries within ten hours of play.) 

As maddog used to say "ive had 10000 blows to the head so im likely to 
forget to wield my sword once in a while."  


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