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The idea (crazy enough) doesn't correlate well with other ideas within a
thread, so I don't reply to anything in particular -

Let's consider the ideal conditions for the transfer of the character
from one MUD to another (let's say upfront that 'equal' may also mean
'one-to-one correspondence).

1) The same engine.
2) The same set of classes/properties/rules for the object (not only
character, because the character will definitely have some inventory,
though it's possible to strip the character off everything except the
body (but that's not absolutely nessessary as well).

Note that 2) doesn't mean that the object themselves should be the same.

Now, what if the cooperating MUDs (areas hereinafter) use the same class
repository and the object naming convention embeds the ID of the origin
server to distinguish between the different areas?

An example.

Two areas: Right world and Left world. The Right is a brute-force world
with a magic playing an insignificant role due to some local conditions,
the Left is a world of a powerful magic which is used even to move the
body (let's say, because the gravity is so high that it's difficult to
budge unless you're Hercules).

The Leftie (Left world inhabitant) moves into the Right world and has
his mage's staff with him.

Then, due to changed conditions, he'll be able to move as easy as the
other inhabitants of the Right world (because his physical condition,
enforced by the high-gravity world, is more than excellent for this
world), but with somewhat less coordination (because this way is very
new to him), and use his staff as a weapon because it's heavy and sharp,
though he can't use his magic any more (once again, due to some local

In fact, the difference between different areas (MUDs) may be no more
than a difference between different areas within a world.

Well, and given that, the question is - what is a definition of a MUD?
I see it as a composition of:

- Player identity repository (IC+OOC, to make distinction between the
players with the same IC name).
- Object class repository (which may be distributed and/or contain the
different classes for different areas, but should have the same base
classes for every participating entity)
- Set of the area servers, with a defined transfer channels between
them, each of them defining different local IC conditions, which all use
the same player identity and object class repositories.

Any comments?

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