[MUD-Dev] Re: [Fwd: MUD-Dev]

Katrina McClelan kitkat at the486.bradley.edu
Tue Apr 7 03:37:11 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Mon, 6 Apr 1998 coder at ibm.net wrote:

>   First up:  How did he find said article or find reference to MUD-Dev? 
> <sternly beetled brow>
>   Second up: Who is this chap?  I don't have time to research him myself. 
> Does he have a MUD history?  Active project?  What?  Known signal source? 
> Is he worth inviting?  Make your own call on this one: invite or not as
> you see fit, then pass me the results.

I have no clue either who he is, nor how he found the list.  I don't
recall seeing him post anything meaningful on usenet, but then that
doesn't exclude him from having a clue.  I dunno, ask him maybe who he is
and why he wants to know?  *shrug*

> I have the web front-end to the new list about 70% done.  Given a
> non-protected web site, there is no point in keeping the list secret --
> lost cause.  I'm unconvinced that attempting to protect a web site
> (passwords etc) is either worth the effort, or likely to be any less leaky
> than the Titanic is now.  

Awwww... the titanic doesn't leak... no difference in media for it to be
able to. (now that all the air has escaped it over the 50 or so years. :)

> Currently the web pages are written for the fact of the list and the list
> archives to be public and publicly searchable, but for new subcribers to
> be read-only (no posting) until manually promoted by yours truly.  This is
> the best model I've come up with yet for maintaining the list's quality
> without risking an r.g.m.* mess.  Suggestions for other possible models
> are welcome.

This is probably the best model, if you're going to let people subscribe
at large.  The only problem with this is that it'd be quite easy to
attract replies to sender instead of list, or for people to make list
aliases that list out the people on the list by hand.

Of course, we're all "elitist" according to some people on usenet anyway
:) -- not any real NEED to make the list public access.  And besides, all
we have to do is post Doran's Mudlist and people will forget about us


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