Meta: who dat guy, wot dat web?

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Tue Apr 7 12:34:55 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998 coder at wrote:

> Writing as list owner:
>   This came up before, as well as the concern with spammers skimming the
> pages for email addresses.  To this end all email addresses on the web
> pages in the message headers, bodies and signatures, will be munged. 
> Currently I munge them simply: translating the at-sign ("@") to a hash
> ("#").  I can easily go further and translate periods to commas, or even
> the at-sign to the string " at ", or use random selection from a number of
> patterns.

I like the random selection idea.  I get far too much spam-email as it is,
and I only posted one message on one newsgroup about a year ago, w/o
mangling my email address.  Oy.
>   The form of the munging is (will be) clearly stated on the web pages.
>   The membership list is hidden by the list server (both the current
> steward and the upcoming Petidomo).  Sure, you could (easily) brute fource
> the archives -- but you'd get the actively posting members only, and not
> the many lurkers.  Problem?  Perhaps.  

Just a side note... is there a way for us list members to see who all is
on the list?  I have no real reason... just mild curiosity about who all
has been reading my ramblings.


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