[META] Mailing lists

Katrina McClelan kitkat at the486.bradley.edu
Tue Apr 7 12:34:58 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, Travis S. Casey wrote:

> Well, in my admittedly limited experience, mailing lists don't tend to
> have the problems with spam and low signal-noise ratios that newsgroups
> do.  Part of this is because of the differences in the kinds of people
> that newsgroups and mailing lists attract (mailing lists often attract
> those who don't want to put up with the spam and noise on newsgroups) and
> part is because it's easier to forcibly remove someone from a mailing
> list.

While this is true, any list on a popular topic (like muds) that can
attract people like the "Midgaard is kewl" types is going to have LOTS of
white noise if left totally open.  I just cringe thinking about it because
I can quite clearly see stuff like the Mud on Win95 and how to do
(something trivial if you have a clue) to ROM posts by people.  I even bet
we'd get the coder wanted crap too  :P

Some kind of selection criteria is needed for who is allowed to post
unless you want a ton of meaningless stuff like the stuff we ignore in


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