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J C Lawrence claw at under.engr.sgi.com
Tue Apr 7 15:24:12 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998 13:57:34 PST8PDT 
maddog <maddog at best.com> wrote:

> I've had a list for four years now and we rarely have a problem.
> The last time there was an issue was when "Olga" spammed a lot of
> the mail lists.  Since then I've restricted posting only from
> subscribed addresses and we haven't had a problem.  My list is also
> advertised on my web page, so potential spammers can easily find out
> about the list.  The subsriber list is also not available to
> non-admins so no one can go in a make a spam list.

Writing as list owner:

  As some of the current members know (Hi Adam!), I've been running
discussion forums of various forms for several years now (since '85?).
Historically I have had problems with various forms of unwelcome
incursions.  As I am increasingly unable to continually monitor the
list, I need to automate some of the preventive measures.

  -- I don't like ACK messages to confirm new subscriptions.

  -- I have had problems with spammers in other fora.  

  -- I have had problems with attempted spammers on MUD-Dev (caught
and prevented by my trusty filters).

  -- I have had problems with the hormonally challenged subscribing to 
lists and then forgetting whose genetalia they're admiring.

  -- Virtual communities, such as this list, as dependant on the
social skills of their members.  MUDs in particular have a history of
attracting less socially adept whoremoan clusters.  <kof>

  -- George Reese (in his more caustic moods), JA3, Aristotle, and
other voluble company will attempt to extend themselves to the list.

  My current intentions are to lock down the ability to post to the
list.  I currently see no need to lock down subscription rights, but
am still in debate on this as the model poses the possibility that
traffic will migrate off list as non-posting subscribers go to direct
e-mail to list members.  The trust of course is that list members so
approached would encouage the non-posting member (and me) to get
posting priviledges.

  _IF_ that concern proves true (or I become convinced that it is
likely), then I will also remove open subscription and revert the list
to invitation only, but leave the web presence and archives open.  I'm 
still open to debate on this.  

  Please only discuss this area (the web, list futures, subscription
models etc) under the above META subject heading.

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