[MUD-Dev] Meta: who dat guy, wot dat web?

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Tue Apr 7 15:26:30 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

> From: coder at ibm.net
> On 07/04/98 at 03:37 AM, Katrina McClelan <kitkat at the486.bradley.edu>
> >Of course, we're all "elitist" according to some people on usenet anyway
> >:)
> Truth to tell; by simple definition this is an implicitly elitist
> I'm also damned proud of that fact.

Ok.  This is cool.  I can still keep my "oppressed huddled masses yearning
to mud 
free" card, can't I? 

> >... -- not any real NEED to make the list public access.  
> You missed the discussion on this area here last year.  It was quite an
> active meta thread.  Many showed themselves very protective of the list
> and its signal.  

As long as we do not tolerate "those elites" on the list, who demand
(sic) from "lesser" posters.  You know who I mean....    
> There are problems with keeping the list compleatly closed, the most
> significant of which are that without more active recruitment of new
> members (I think three of us are reponsible for almost the entire current
> membership (getting close to 100)) and the resulting import of new topics
> the list will eventually die either thru endless topical incest (we all
> know what each other is doing, and have hashed over the same weary old
> coals too many times to be interested) or simple lack of relevance.

When you do make the web pages available, I would assume the existence
of the list would be announced in Usenet.  If so, it might be useful to
subscription until the "lack of personal attacks and flammage" is readily
to viewers of archives.  This might also be an opportunity for you to
assess the
damage that will be inflicted on your machine by hundreds (heh) of ravenous

archive readers.  We have had newer members come onto the list in the past
both fists up in a usenet attack or defense posture. (likely a learned
This is likely to occur more frequently.  

.wot dat sig go?

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