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Tue Apr 7 15:26:56 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

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Travis S Casey<efindel at> wrote:

> Yes, but it need not be before-the-fact selection.  On a closed
> mailing list, it's easy to throw out those who won't abide by the
> stated policy.  (Which I think is fairly clearly stated right now in
> the invitation, and could be included in the initial message to new
> subscribers if we go "open".)

Writing as list owner,

  Yes its easy.  No, I don't want to be bothered with more than the rare 
circumstance, and no I don't want the list to be subjected to the
noise while I notice and handle the offender.  I am not able to
monitor the list as closely as I used to.  I need systems that will
remain effective even with a more hands-off approach.

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