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An old post I'd meant to cross to the list but didn't:

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Greg Munt wrote:
 > a Midgaardian mayor who cannot be permanently disabled :-)  I've
 > had repeated requests for a "dimensional gate" spell that would
 > open an exit to a room of a player's choosing, that would remain
 > open for a while and through which anyone can walk.  That's one
 > we reject.

Note on this...

On the mud I coded and am (still) working on, we scummed an idea off of
Raymond E. Fiest's Riftwar trilogy.  In every mage guild, there's a
"pattern room," with various "patterns" inside.  Mages cast teleport on a
particular pattern (which is described by words like wavy, woven, etc. --
they have to figure out what goes to which) and are themselves teleported
to another pattern room in another guild. Since teleport is on the
upper-mid level range on our mud, it works out well for enabling
transportation to different parts of the world, without actually putting
them into a "zone for killing things and getting xp."

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