[MUD-Dev] META: The web presence and wot it ain't gonna be

Shawn Halpenny malachai at iname.com
Wed Apr 8 09:10:18 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:

> Writing as list owner:
>   Please see:
>     <URL:htpp://www.kanga.nu/~petidomo/lists/mud-dev/index.html>
>   Do not publicise this URL.
>   Do not send mail to any of the email addresses listed in this web
> page.
>   Do not attempt to subscribe to the new list, poke at petidomo, or
> otherwise have anything to do with Kanga.Nu beyond the above URL.

Once things are underway, what will the disposition of mud-dev at null.net
and mud-dev at kanga.nu be?  Will one be preferred over the other?

Shawn Halpenny

"Len!  Len!  What have you done!?"

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