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> > Greg Munt wrote:

[gate spell rejection...]

> > Note on this...
> > 
> > On the mud I coded and am (still) working on, we scummed an idea off of
> > Raymond E. Fiest's Riftwar trilogy.  In every mage guild, there's a
> > "pattern room," with various "patterns" inside.  Mages cast teleport on a
> > particular pattern (which is described by words like wavy, woven, etc. --
> > they have to figure out what goes to which) and are themselves teleported
> > to another pattern room in another guild. Since teleport is on the
> > upper-mid level range on our mud, it works out well for enabling
> > transportation to different parts of the world, without actually putting
> > them into a "zone for killing things and getting xp."

Good books... It's been a long time since I read those...  
Anyway.  We were planning on something along those lines... limited
teleport, between cities/mage towers.  "Unlimited" gate capabilities are
fun, but can easily result in massive slaughter-fests.

> I have spells that will open a portal to another PC, and which will
> remain open for a short amount of time.  It is a one-way path at mid 
> levels, but higher levels can open two-way portals.  I got so caught up
> in the coding that I didn't think too much about what this would do to 
> game play.  However, I don't see it as disasterous....

Heh... famous last words.  ;)  Seriosuly, though, we had a 'gate' spell on
EoD, way back when.  I beleive it had to target a person.  The version of
DIKU that we used as our base had it coded so that if you put in a bum
name, it opened a bum gate (heck, it'd sometimes do that anyway, if you
didn't quite make that roll... >:-).  Walking through the bum gate
resulted in a very quickly dead character, with no corpse to go retrieve.
A favorite use of this was in combination with a charm spell...

   > Charm bubba
   Bubba looks at you and smiles.
   Bubba now follows you.

   >cast gate hell
   An unstable looking gate opens.

   >say 'buh-bye bubba'
   You say, "buh-bye bubba"

   >order bubba enter gate
   Bubba walks into an unstable looking gate.
   Bubba screams in agony as his body disintigrates.
   Bubba no longer follows you.

   You chuckle.

   Bubba tells you, "Grumble... yer goin down!"

heheheh.  Another popular one was charming a big, NASTY, aggresive mob,
gating to a newbie area, and ordering the mob through, then closing the
gate... Tiamat wandered the hallowed halls of the smurf village many a

I have to say that the game changed a lot when gate was removed...  people
leveled slower, and it made the world seem a lot larger.  The world looses
scale rapidly if you can just gate to the mobs you need, slaughter them,
and then gate home in time for tea.

I dislike "unlimited" gate spells... at least the cheap ones.  If it is
unlimited, it should be TERRIBLY expensive (like, mages should only want
to do it once in a LONG while).  Restricted gate, however, is nice, and if
used right, can keep players quite broke and always lookin for money.  :)

I recall discussing a similar thread late last year, in the context of the
size of the mud world, and how hostile it is to the PCs.

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