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On Sat, 4 Apr 1998 23:17:46 PST8PDT 
maddog <maddog at best.com> wrote:

> Actually what I have in mind is more like VRML or HTML rather than
> Java.  I would restrict it to characters, some NPCs, and simple
> objects.  Complex NPCs are fairly hard to move around from place to
> place if they depend on the code of the server.  A better way to
> move complex NPCs is to have them handle their own code--as remote
> bots. {did I just hear an admin scream?}.

I'm curious:

  Why do you consider that NPC's, even complex NPC's would have more
code backing them than player characters?

If anything I find the reverse here.  Characters tend to become very
buff with custom code (cf LambdaMOO), while NPC's starve for such

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