META: The web archives are up for review (alpha 1)

J C Lawrence claw at
Thu Apr 9 11:11:34 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Writing as list owner:  

  Please see:


  If you can't resolve

    A) I want to know.

    B) The IP is


    The MUD-Dev homepage has been updated slightly.  Comments welcome
on what should be added or is missing please.

    Email address are __NOT__ yet munged.  They will be.  This is
pass #1.

    Only 1997 is currently available for review in the archive.  The
other periods are dead links currently.

    The archive tarballs (eg 1997Q2.tar.gz) are not currently
available.  They will be.  The tarballs will contain the same HTML
that you pull off the web for each period..

    Search still doesn't work.  This is low on my list right now.

    Yes, I know the period pages are *long*.  This is deliberate.  I
tried dividing by month to get shorter indexes, but I found that too
many threads broke across indexes which made thread tracking a pain.
Quarterly typically totals under 2,000 mesages, and seems about right
contextually.  Be grateful: I nearly made the indexes yearly.

    Yes, I'll put the proper message counts in the table.


    Do not publicise this URL.

    You are free to discuss and comment on the web presence on the
list now.  this is the first non trivial HTML I've ever done, so there 
are sure to be mistakes.

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