[MUD-Dev] META: That bloke Yaltec.

Khan one Khanone at aol.com
Thu Apr 9 16:21:26 New Zealand Standard Time 1998

Firstly, an apology to all, most notably to KaVir, for disrupting some of the
flow of this mailing list due to my negligence.  It was my intention to
sponser Yaltec myself, but I'd lost information on how to introduce him.
Silly, I know. :-(

I'm not an active contributor to the mailing list myself, although I do enjoy
the discussion that goes on in it on the various topics pertaining to MUD
topics, both within the environment created by the game, and outside too, in
regard to the creation/administration.

I've not posted because I don't feel I really have much to contribute - what
was said about an elitist list is true in many respects.  I have my own
viewpoints of course, but I sometimes have problems phrasing them how I wish
to.  Better to be quiet and listen to all the arguments, and learn, than be
involved from a subjective standpoint.  It keeps any "noise" down, too.

Given my position as an assistant administrator for one of the MUDs on AOL, I
come into contact with a large number of people who are inspired by playing,
to create their own games.  Even with the over-abundance of "PD" code-bases, I
encourage all I can to pursue such a course if they feel they are capable.

Yaltec was one such, who came to me, with his aspirations, and ideas.  Since
he was thinking about creating a graphical game, and asked me what my thoughts
were, and since KaVir had posted a succint evaluation on the pro's and con's
of each type, in a way far better than I could recite, I decided to forward
him that email.  My apologies if that caused some alarm to some.  I goofed, in
effect, for just forwarding the email, rather than copy and paste the body.

I'd known him for quite some time, by then, and after hearing about some of
his ideas, was why I was going to sponser him to this mailing list.  I'd just
told him to hang on, until I could locate (i.e. it was posted again) the rules
for introducing someone.  It must have been a month ago, this happened now.
He's been patient with me for that time, so I suppose it wasn't too surprising
that his patience did run out eventually, and he contacted KaVir direct.

An apology, and explanation of sorts.  I just hope that what transpired isn't
enough to get me thrown out of this mailing list.

Anyway, since I don't post often, I'd like to take the time to say it's been
extremely enlightening "lurking" and listening in on the various problems
posed here, and possible solutions to them, problems I hadn't really
considered before.  And as such, thanks to all who have posted, for letting me
listen in.  (Bigger thanks to J.C.Lawrence, though, for making and
administrating, this mailing list) (Is that enough boot-licking, yet? <g>)

(Switches "lurk" mode back on)


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